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Ferramentas úteis para tradução/revisão

English Academic Language Editing services, Expert Translation services, Expert Peer review reports

Hi,We work with different closed access journals, open access journals, international conferences, etc. To order any of the following services, please contact us.
1. Expert Peer review reports (minimum 3 reports): You may be interested to know the strength and weakness of your manuscript before submitting to any journal. Normally this service increases the acceptance rate and saves time.
Price: 20 USD per manuscript startingManuscript submission: peer.review@researchpromotion.comOffi
cial shopping cart is 
2. Plagiarism Checking by expert software: High plagiarism score of manuscript during peer review leads to rejection. It is always better to get Plagiarism reports before submission of manuscripts to increase acceptance rate. Our report will include similarity index, highlighted copied text, source document, plagiarism score, etc.
Price: 2 USD per manuscriptManuscript submission: plagiarism@researchpromotion.comOfficial shopping cart is here.
3. Manuscript formatting service as per journal format.Price:
20 USD per manuscript
4. Translation services: We undertake translation services for the different languages (see here). We provide fast professional (human) translation mainly for scholarly research papers.
Pricing: Pricing: 0.15 USD per word (Speed: 2000 words / day)Manuscript submission: translation@researchpromotion.comOfficial shopping cart is here.
5. English Language Editing servicesExpert English editors will review draft manuscript to improve grammar, clarity, academic style, word choice, sentence structure, etc. Additionally we try to engage English experts who are also subject specialists in the same area of the manuscript. The English editing service is designed to make you sound like a native English speaker. Customers will get official certificate of editing, which can be verified online.
Manuscript submission: English.Editing@researchpromotion.comOfficial shopping cart is here.Pricing                                         Delivery time                                       .                                          
Word count          2 days            3 days          4 days               8 days
<1,000                 USD 63        USD 54           USD 52             USD 51

1000-1500            USD 85        USD 73           USD 68             USD 66
1501-2000            USD 107      USD 90           USD 86             USD 83
2001-2500            USD 129      USD 108         USD 102           USD 982501-3000            USD 150      USD 125          USD 119          USD 1133001-3500            USD 172      USD 143          USD 135          USD 1293501-4000            USD 194      USD 161          USD 152          USD 1444001-4500            USD 216      USD 178          USD 168          USD 1614501-5000            USD 238      USD 196          USD 186          USD 1765001-5500            USD 260      USD 213          USD 202          USD 1915501-6000            USD 281      USD 231          USD 219          USD 208For more than 6000 words  Please contact us for custom price ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
With regards,Dr. P. SahaInternational Research PromotionEurope: 14 Hanover Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1YH, Email: contact@researchpromotion.com, Alternate email: contact.researchpromotion@gmail.com, Fax: +44 (0)20 7691 7642North America: 250 Yonge St #2201, Toronto, ON M5B 2M6, Canada, Email:contact@researchpromotion.com, Alternate email: contact.researchpromotion@gmail.comFax: +1 (437) 800-4206 Asia-Pacific: Hooghly, West Bengal, India, Email: contact@researchpromotion.com, Alternate email: contact.researchpromotion@gmail.com, Tel: +91 (0)9073009061

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