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 O que está acontecendo lá fora? Cinco ensaios sobre ação coletiva e subjetividade.


Introdução: A rua invadiu à sala

Afinidade, participação e autonomia como diretrizes  para a (in)ação ativista.

ps: começar a apresentação da qualificação com os sonhadores ( 01:40:30 - 01:45:22)

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Achados da minha sala preferida do lugar com todas as historias

Marx and Foucault: Essays 1st Editionby Antonio Negri 

In this first volume Negri shows how the thinking of Marx and Foucault were brought together to create an original theoretical synthesis - particularly in the context of Italy from May ’68 onwards. At around that time, the structures of industry and production began to change radically, with the emergence of new producer-subjects and new fields of capitalist value creation. New concepts and theories were developed by Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari and others to help make sense of these and related developments - concepts such as biopower and biopolitics, subjectivation and subsumption, public and common, power and potentiality. These concepts and theories are examined by Negri within the broader context of the development of European philosophical discourse in the twentieth century.

Marx and Foucault provides a unique account of the development of radical thought in the late 20th and early 21st centuries and will be a key text for anyone interested in radical politics today

Factory of Strategy: Thirty-Three Lessons on Lenin (Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture) 

(disponivel na biblioteca do Brooklyn)

Factory of Strategy is the last of Antonio Negri's major political works to be translated into English. Rigorous and accessible, it is both a systematic inquiry into the development of Lenin's thought and an encapsulation of a critical shift in Negri's theoretical trajectory.

Lenin is the only prominent politician of the modern era to seriously question the "withering away" and "extinction" of the state, and like Marx, he recognized the link between capitalism and modern sovereignty and the need to destroy capitalism and reconfigure the state. Negri refrains from portraying Lenin as a ferocious dictator enforcing the proletariat's reappropriation of wealth, nor does he depict him as a mere military tool of a vanguard opposed to the Ancien Régime. Negri instead champions Leninism's ability to adapt to different working-class configurations in Russia, China, Latin America, and elsewhere. He argues that Lenin developed a new political figuration in and beyond modernity and an effective organization capable of absorbing different historical conditions. He ultimately urges readers to recognize the universal application of Leninism today and its potential to institutionally―not anarchically―dismantle centralized power.

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Para seguir estudando

Ajuda para entender a biblioteca

Grants & Funding

Ajuda pra achar os caminhos das pedras

Ferramentas para analisar os sentidos da palavra militância na literatura sociológica norte americana

Top Tools for Digital Humanities Research 

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ILAS | Institute of Latin American Studies
One of the world’s most important centers of research and at the same time a distinctive & distinguished learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in many scholarly & professional fields. The University recognizes the importance of its location in NYC and seeks to link its research and teaching to the vast resources of a great metropolis.

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) was founded in 1966, as the first area studies center at NYU. Today it is one of the premier centers of its kind in the country. The Center’s national and international reputation derives from the strength of its approximately 130 research-active affiliated faculty Among them are presidents of national professional associations, members of the National Academy, finalists for the Pulitzer Prize, recipients of Guggenheims, NEH, ACLS, Ford, Rockefeller, MacArthur and other prestigious fellowships and honors.

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The Writing Center  seeks to contribute to the development of students' critical thinking, reading, and writing. The Writing Centre is situated within the Writing Department in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, which is responsible for instruction and scholarship in writing. Writing is a crucial part of the process of learning, a fact which is reflected in the heavy emphasis placed on academic writing in most Faculty courses.

The ESL Open Learning Centre (ESL OLC) offers support to English as a Second/Additional Language (ESL) students registered in credit courses at York University. The Centre is open to ALL York students, registered in degree programs, AND is free of charge. Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome.

The Academic Program is the York University English Language Institute’s most comprehensive university preparation program building a solid foundation of English proficiency and supporting 9 levels of non-native speakers of English. This full-time program ensures that the student body consists of a well-balanced mix of linguistic backgrounds. This establishes English as the language of communication among students and provides an experience of learning with a diverse student body.

Global Political Studies

The study of global politics focuses on diverse ways of thinking about political community; issues of diversity and inequality; the nature of security, peace, and violence; and the direction and contours of major transformations in global, regional, and 'domestic' politics. It ties processes and structures of ‘globalization’ and ‘transnationalism’ to politics within, beyond, and amongst states in relation to several subthemes: political institutions and processes; peace and security; human rights and justice; political economy; gender, culture, and identity; and transformations from modernity, communism, and authoritarian rule.

York Sociology: A Public Sociology

Our department's contribution to the world of sociological thought and research is to offer our students a sociology of engagement; a critical approach to scholarship that challenges assumptions, and in so doing, aims for greater social justice and an appreciation that history - our own and that of others around the world - has a lasting impact on the present.

This commitment is evident in our faculty members' local and international work with communities and organizations,and in the public recognition of our faculty as experts in their respective fields.

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what if...

 Ps:  mandar proposta última semana de janeiro de 2018. 

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Dica do Safatle e o Giagoia

"Quando a gente diz, nesse nosso tempo é isso, nós só podemos dizer isso, porque a gente já está começando a deixar de ser o que é". 

Não perder de vista a singularidade dos acontecimentos. Tratar militância e ativismo como sinônimo, deixar o caráter de renovação e de produção de diferença contido nesse ato ser aprisionado pelo binômio estéril da polarização enganadora que tomou ruas e praças, reais e virtuais, da terra brasílis é render-se ao medo. É enrigecer o pensamento na tentativa vã de fugir da desteritorialização decorrente do fato de que "o novo sempre vem".

Giacoia - Estilistica da Existência: tomar a vida pra si e reconstruir-se como a mais bela obra de arte, ciente de que onde há poder, há resistência.


Safatle: Qual a oferta da esquerda para o mundo hoje?

Um achado extra para ajudar a pensar o todo da obra