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The Writing Center  seeks to contribute to the development of students' critical thinking, reading, and writing. The Writing Centre is situated within the Writing Department in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, which is responsible for instruction and scholarship in writing. Writing is a crucial part of the process of learning, a fact which is reflected in the heavy emphasis placed on academic writing in most Faculty courses.

The ESL Open Learning Centre (ESL OLC) offers support to English as a Second/Additional Language (ESL) students registered in credit courses at York University. The Centre is open to ALL York students, registered in degree programs, AND is free of charge. Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome.

The Academic Program is the York University English Language Institute’s most comprehensive university preparation program building a solid foundation of English proficiency and supporting 9 levels of non-native speakers of English. This full-time program ensures that the student body consists of a well-balanced mix of linguistic backgrounds. This establishes English as the language of communication among students and provides an experience of learning with a diverse student body.

Global Political Studies

The study of global politics focuses on diverse ways of thinking about political community; issues of diversity and inequality; the nature of security, peace, and violence; and the direction and contours of major transformations in global, regional, and 'domestic' politics. It ties processes and structures of ‘globalization’ and ‘transnationalism’ to politics within, beyond, and amongst states in relation to several subthemes: political institutions and processes; peace and security; human rights and justice; political economy; gender, culture, and identity; and transformations from modernity, communism, and authoritarian rule.

York Sociology: A Public Sociology

Our department's contribution to the world of sociological thought and research is to offer our students a sociology of engagement; a critical approach to scholarship that challenges assumptions, and in so doing, aims for greater social justice and an appreciation that history - our own and that of others around the world - has a lasting impact on the present.

This commitment is evident in our faculty members' local and international work with communities and organizations,and in the public recognition of our faculty as experts in their respective fields.

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